Transform retro-style to modern

Isn’t it fascinating when we talk about retro-style? Well, it is for me. I am not old here on earth but I have been around for quite a while to boldly talk about retro-style or vintage styling as some of you may refer it to.


Wait a minute, where you waiting for a definition of retro-style? Not at all, that can’t happen here but of course you know that’s why we have Google to help with that.

Retro-style Retro-style

Styling is and should be fun. It shouldn’t be all about the how-to’s and the how-nots hence, the reason I’m sharing with you today how I transform(ed) a retro-style to look modern

Retro-style Retro-style

How did I come about this outfit? Remember in one of my previous post Cheap but Elegant, I shared with you a brief story of a few stuffs I acquired during my stay in Ghana. Do you remember now? Yeah, this dress right here was one of the vintage pieces I picked that day and see how I look like a million bucks in it (lol).

Retro-style Retro-style

When I first saw this dress beckoning on me as I usually say, I almost ignored.  Why? Because it was a sleeveless, and I felt I wouldn’t rock it with so much confidence. I feared my fat thick arms would ruin the fun but then the design ministered greatly to my heart that I had to overlook my insecurities and create a means of bringing out the best in us ?. That led me to wearing a bodysuit underneath it; viola, here we are…

Retro-style Retro-style

This River Island bodysuit has its sexy side although the dress is layered over it thereby covering its real beauty, but it came in handy for me as I needed just the sleeves to achieve the look I was gunning for.

Retro-style Retro-style

Indeed I’m forced to confess right now… I stole this scarf from my younger sister’s wardrobe thinking she stole it from my mum but I guess I was wrong about that. It’s actually hers. hahaha.  Summer has just begun and so it is the right time to play as much as you can with your style, throw on some scarves/accessories to your look for added elegance and uniqueness

Retro-style Retro-style

What I’m I arriving at in today’s post? 

  • You don’t need to spend a million bucks to look it.
  • You can make do with things around you or re-use your favorite pieces to come up with a delectable style.
  • If at all you have your insecurities like I do,  there are ways to go about covering them up in a stylish manner.
  • Retro-style can always look contemporary, if you master the art of combination and re-styling except you intentionally want to keep it retro.
  • Take advantage of a vintage clothing, if you happen to find any. I never get bored with them

Retro-style Retro-style

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What I’m wearing : Dress(Dvf), bodysuit(old) River Island , Shoes(old) esdra design, Sunshades(channel )





    June 22, 2016 / 10:18 PM

    I think I love the retro/vintage style….would likely try it out someday. You slayed the Outfit!

    • June 24, 2016 / 10:52 AM

      Thank you dear Joy for visiting my blog.
      Go ahead and try something vintage and tag me on IG as to give you a thumbs up?