Sheer and Pleats

What’s popping guys? I’m sure the week is going as planned? Today, we would be discussing romantically about sheer and pleats *clears throat* and sharing one of my favourite looks with you as well.

Sheer and pleats

Sheer and Pleats are known to be romantic pieces in the fashion world as a stand alone, talk of having them worn together as I did in this post, it’s just plain fabulous. When shopping, It is so impossible for me to say “no” to sheer and pleats when seen because they are basics necessary for unique styling.

Sheer and Pleats Sheer and Pleats

Something you ought to bear in mind when dressing up your pleated pants or skirts is, the more the volume of pleats, the less volume your top should be hence,  the reason I styled this bright colored voluminous pleated pants with a black sheer body hug top and its end result in terms of look and feel is simply amazing.

Sheer and Pleats Sheer and Pleats

Another reason you should consider the above tip is, pleated wears can visually add an extra size to your body thereby making you look bigger than your usual, you might need to keep your top body fitted or slightly clingy depending on your preference. Something I usually do when wearing pleated dresses is to use a slim belt to cinch in the waist and accentuate the hips.

Sheer and Pleats Sheer and Pleats

There are a couple of ways to wear your Sheer and Pleats individually or collectively. Whichever way you feel comfortable wearing yours is fine as long as it suits your personality. Endeavor to keep it soft on the bottom if it’s busy on the top and vice versa to create a balanced look when styling #overemphasis

Sheer and Pleats Sheer and Pleats

PS, panic not about the extra skin you see nipping out left, right and center, no excuses guys I am still a work in progress.

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Photographed by @enigmakoncepts

What I’m wearing: Pants(Maju) Top (As seen in this Post)