OPI gains new grounds

Hey guys what’s up? Have you heard the latest today about OPI nail polish? Well, sit tight if you haven’t cos I bring you good news.

I’m so particular about this news today because it has to do with my all-time favorite American Actress (you know the tough lady? The no-nonsense actress? Featured in Scandal? married to a Black… In fact, a Nigerian (Nnamdi Asomugha) to be precise. Yeah, it’s none other than the beautiful Kerry Washington who just turned 39 on the 31st of January, 2016.

OPI gains new grounds

OPI gains new grounds

So what’s the news? Kerry Washington teamed up with OPI Nail Polish as their Ambassador. Kerry is so excited about this collaboration that she can’t stop talking about it (We are too). She explained earlier today the inspiration behind her collaboration with OPI and I couldn’t have agreed more with her. She said and I quote ” Nails are at that interesting point where fashion and beauty meets… If I enter that space, its important to know the landscape and do it in a way that’s authentic and right and true to who I am”.

Her Limited Edition Collection is set to make entries to stores in August, 2016. She’s already revealed that the collection features rich plum shades called “Kerry Blossom” which is named after her, a gray shade tagged “LIV” which is named after her character in Scandal. Something that really caught my attention was that she dedicated one of the colors… the deep garnet known as “WE THE FEMALES” with a caramel effect after her daughter by name Isabelle Amarachi  Asomugha who would be 2years old on April 21st, 2016.

OPI nail polishes on its own is a very good brand and one of my favorites. I’m in no doubt, this collaboration with Kerry Washington would bring about something more exciting. I cannot wait to lay my hands on one of these colors especially the “LIV” set to be in stores in August and when I do, be sure I would share my experience.

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