Monochrome & Red

Long time no hear from me guys. For those always visiting here expecting to see something new but have always been left with the previous post, I’m so so sorry about that. I would come up and share with you guys specific days to expect new posts from me. A lot has been occupying my mind and time lately but I’m back now with exciting and new stuffs and even some good changes on this platform. That being said, I would be sharing with you today one of my favorite looks,┬áMonochrome & Red.


My wardrobe is not complete without a basic bodycon dress which is my favourite and always a winner. If you’ve ever been caught unawares for cocktail, you would appreciate a day-to-night look like this. I would love to throw in a purse and change to a red lipstick while switching from day-to-night.

A Monochrome look is quite is timeless. Meaning it can fit into any season and any event. Layer this look with a tight and coat during the cold season and peel off those layers at a warmer season.

This Monochrome dress finished with a red shoe in this post is just a classic look that can be worn anyway.

You can work a Monochrome look whilst on a budget and still look classy because its unique combination is uncompromisingly stylish. But you’ve got to target pieces/ fabrics that would stand the test of time knowing that it’s a trend that never fades (it always comes around and still looks like it never went away in the first place)

Add a splash of colour to a Monochrome look because it lends itself easily to colours…just about any colour but be careful not to go over board with colours since the Monochrome effect is quite busy. keeping a splash of colour simple would magnify the Monochrome effect.

More pics below…

Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome

What Im wearing: Dress and shoes from Zara.

Thanks for stopping by always, I enjoy reading your comments and suggestions.

Remember to be your best at all times! ! !


Mel’s C&W

Photographed by @enigmakoncepts

Hair from @billionhairess



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  1. Tito
    May 23, 2016 / 10:35 PM

    Simple yet versatile piece, wud fancy wearing this for work on a Thursday after which I have a little a night out with my boo