Get Noticed?


Y’all know the feeling you get when someone especially strangers complements your outfit or an accessory on you or even your shoes or bag/Purse. You get excited right? Yea even though as ladies, we blush it out so it doesn’t pass the wrong message esp if the compliments are coming from guys. Lol. We all get that alot. Let’s get noticed Y’all


However, there are days you really love and plan to get noticed. Depending on the occasion or the mood. There are also days you don’t feel like looking good, infact anything goes and surprisingly, the compliments still comes in and you are surprised. Why? cos you never expected it right? Well that was a clear indication of something unique about you.


Your personal style was at play. Your style goes way beyond your fashion. It’s your ability to be true to yourself, showcasing  who you really are. A lot of times we get distracted with fashion that we barely express our style. How do we get distracted? By trying to keep up with fashion trends.


It’s good trying to keep up with fashion trends if you have the financial capabilities. Even with that, how fast can your pace be? Do you know that fashion could be a way to distance yourself from your true self? Why not get noticed with your style? Your style is informed and expressed by your choice of clothing, your religion, culture, body type, profession and even your upbringing. It’s your identity and a true reflection of who you are.


Remember fashion is always changing, it’s seasonal, but your uniqueness as a person is eternal. You might be asking yourself – How do I begin to develop a personal style?

IMG-20150619-WA0048And I would answer by asking the following questions. Do you have a favourite food? Colour? Movies? Musician? Music? Gadget?etc. If your answer is yes then you’ve got a personal taste. The other that can affect your taste is your profession and climate. Your style is a merger of these two-taste and function.
IMG-20150619-WA0074You can also develop your own style by visiting inspiring fashion blogs like this and tapping ideas that suits your person and making it work for you.
IMG-20150619-WA0051Your style is perceived by your choice of colour, mood, creativity, love for your body. Many are fashionable but not stylish. These people follow fashion blindly without asking thought provoking questions as to whether the fashion suits them or not, occasion, mood etc. 

IMG-20150619-WA0010According to New York designer Isabel Toledo in her book “Roots of Style” she said “style is an effective way to carve out your individuality. Style is content …common property. It belongs to no one, and to everyone. A person with true style is displaying a fertile and thinking mind. The truth is, we’re all born with an inner voice that serves as our personal style guiding light. People with style, dress in harmony with their inner,  most authentic selves”.

IMG-20150619-WA0043My style is borne out of simple, comfortable, chick yet suphisticated fashion. Now I ask you. What’s your style and how well or often do you get noticed with your personal style?

What I’m wearing: Shirt and Pant  from H&M, Shoe by Studio TMLS

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Remember to be your best at all times!!!


Mel’s C&W

Photographed by Bernard Okulaja (@sleekben on IG )

Makeup by Osa  (@the24shades on IG)





  1. Scarlet
    July 15, 2015 / 3:41 PM

    stylish I must say. Love reading your posts, I get to learn one or two things always. keep up the good works.

  2. Bimbo
    July 18, 2015 / 12:00 PM

    This outfit makes a definate statement. Nice post mel

  3. Ify
    July 22, 2015 / 6:12 PM

    Really creative post Melody, I surely benefitted from it