Cheap but Elegant

Hello Lovelies, Happy new year and welcome to 2016. I’ve got great plans for you this year. By the grace of God, you would find this platform quite educative and entertaining. Can I get an Amen somebody?  Today I would be showing you ways to dress cheap but elegant.

CheapLooking good is everybody’s desire right? I hope I’m speaking the minds of most people. I hear people say this a lot ? looking good is good business, I quite agree but that is dependent on the margins used in business. Others say cut your coat according to your size but I say according to your Ankara or Kente. If I’ve got to loose weight in order to fit into a size appropriate for my material, then I would cos I love it.

A lot us feel if we don’t wear the designer labels all the time, we are less of an individual. That’s not true. Look, we probably might even look dapper with a no-name brand and I’m going to show you how in a bit but first listen to my story.

Late last year I visited my folks in Accra (if you missed that post, you can view it here) and I had a planned out schedule but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I had to stay longer than scheduled doing other stuffs. Mind you, when I planned my trip, I considered my length of stay and so planned out my outfits which included outing wears, casual wears, shoes etc (soon, I would do a post on essentials for travelling as a fashionista ) and so over staying meant shortage of my basic amenities ? which pushed me to engage in an emergency shopping under a TIGHT BUDGET.

I knew where I could get such in Accra, so I boarded a taxi and headed straight there, sourcing around, I spotted this beautiful dress hung on the rack. As my custom was, I turned the neck of the dress to see the label, I didn’t find anything,  I turned the back of the dress to see if the label could be at the sides, still nothing,  I asked the lady the designer of the dress (dumb question right? Yeah) she said she didn’t know. I immediately burst into laughter.

Friends, I tried on the dress and I liked loved it. I asked her how much it was going for, it was ridiculously low. Remember I said I knew where to get such low-budget wears based on my budget? This was way below what I was thinking trust me. I quickly grabbed more than one dress at her shop before heading back home.  Of course, you know I would gist those at home my encounter but that is by the way.

Just as you guessed, I first wore the dress to church to dedicate myself and my buy ? amazingly, I got a lot of compliments which spurred me  to do a photo shoot with it, so as to share with you.

Real life lessons you would learn here on how to look elegant in a cheap outfit but due to the length of this post, I’m going to pause fot now and continue in my next post but I would be leaving you with some pics.



Cheap Cheap

Join me next time soonest as I expose secrets on how to look elegant in a cheap outfit. I hope you are able to learn a few from my story though.

Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap

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What I’m wearing: No label dress ( You can find one in any store near you) shoes from Studio TMLS  and vintage Purse from my mum. *found some really fashionable stuffs in her closet*

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Mel’s C&W

Photographed by Mico Majid  (@micomajid on IG )

Makeup by my humble self





  1. Berry Dakara
    January 10, 2016 / 11:02 PM

    I quite agree. An item doesn’t have to be designer to be fabulous. And more often than not, you find that these little random places carry unique items that you won’t find everybody else wearing.

    • January 11, 2016 / 8:43 AM

      Exactly Berry. Thanks for visiting here.